Terms of use

Created November 1, 2020

gluon inc. sets forth the terms and conditions of use for the services provided on this website as follows.

Article 1: Terms

The terms used herein are defined as follows.

1   Terms
Refers to the store terms and conditions

2   Company
Refers to gluon inc., the online store operator doing business through the service

3   Service
Refers to the collective services provided by the Company via the Internet

4   Buyer
Refers to a party seeking to purchase products by following the procedures set forth by the Company and who has understood and consented to all of these Terms and the Privacy Policy

5   User
Refers to a party who, having understood and consented to all of these Terms and the Privacy Policy, searches for, browses, or otherwise uses images, text, designs, logos, videos, programs, ideas, or other information (collectively "Content") provided by the Company on the Service

Article 2: Applicability of and consent to Terms

1   These Terms apply when a User utilizes the Service provided by the Company over the Internet. Users shall be deemed to have consented to these Terms effective the time they begin using the Service.

2   Users or Buyers who are minors are required to obtain the consent of a parent or legal guardian to use the Service. Where a User or Buyer utilizes the Service for business purposes or on behalf of a business operator, consent of said party with these Terms is required.

3   Where there are individual terms of use governing the Service, the User or Buyer shall comply with said terms in addition to these Terms when using the Service.

Article 3: Changes to Terms

Where it deems necessary, the Company reserves the right to change these Terms within the scope of the intended purposes of the Service. Where a User or Buyer utilizes the Service following changes to these Terms, the party shall be deemed to have consented to the changed Terms.

Article 4: Purchase of products

1   Users reserve the right to purchase products from the Company by using the Service.

2   Where seeking to purchase a product, a User shall follow the procedures set forth by the Company elsewhere and apply for purchase.

3   A purchase agreement shall be deemed to have been concluded between the User and the Company effective the time the User files for purchase by confirming the information entered, and any other requisite information, and clicking the order button, and an e-mail from the Company indicating the details of the order arrives at the User’s address.

4   Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding clause, in the event of any unauthorized or inappropriate conduct in connection with use of the Service, the Company reserves the right to cancel or revoke the purchase agreement, or take other measures it deems necessary.

Article 5: Payment method

• The payment amount for products shall be the amount displayed on the web site.

• Payment for products purchased through the Service shall be limited to payment by credit cards issued in the name of the Buyer.

• Where paying by credit card, the Buyer shall comply with the terms of separate agreements between the Buyer and the credit card issuer. In the event of any dispute between the Buyer and the credit card issuer concerning use of a credit card for payment, the Buyer shall be solely responsible for resolving the dispute.

• Where a Buyer utilizes a payment method stipulated on the Service and concludes a separate agreement with a payment processor for said payment method (including but not limited to consent to terms pertaining to said payment method), the Buyer shall conform to the terms of said agreement. In the event of any dispute between the Buyer and the payment processor concerning the method of payment, the Buyer shall be solely responsible for resolving the dispute.

Article 6: Return of products

The Company handles requests for returns of products from Buyers per the terms set forth in the "Special riders regarding returns" listed on the Notes on Specified Commercial Transactions Act posted on the web site.

Article 7: Handling of personal information

The Company shall follow the separate Privacy Policy when handling personal information.

Article 8: Prohibitions

In using the Service, Users and Buyers are prohibited from engaging in any of the acts below.

1   Acts that cause, or may cause, inconvenience, disadvantage, or damages to other users, third parties, or the Company

2   Acts that infringe, or may infringe, on the rights, including but not limited to copyrights, trademark rights, patent rights, and other intellectual property rights, right to likeness, personal rights, right to privacy, and publicity rights of the Company or third parties

3   Acts that violate public order and morals, or other acts that violate applicable laws and regulations, or may cause such acts

4   Use of Content obtained through the Service by a User or Buyer beyond the scope of private use

5   Duplicating, selling, altering, publishing, distributing, or publicizing content obtained through the Service, or attempts to do the same, whether through another User or other third party

6   Attempting to impersonate the Company or a third party, or intentionally disseminating false information

7   Exchanging the right to use the Service or Content therein for cash, assets, or other economic benefits in a manner other than that specified by the Company

8   Providing benefits to or otherwise collaborating with antisocial forces

9   Religious activities or solicitation for religious groups

10   Acts that interfere with the server or network systems of the Service, acts of unauthorized manipulation of the Service using bots, cheat tools, or other technical means, intentional use of defects or flaws in the Service,  making unreasonable inquiries or requests to the Company, such as by unnecessary repetition of the same inquiry, or other acts that interfere with the operation of the Service by the Company or use of the Service by other Buyers or Users

11   Any act of reverse engineering, disassembling, or otherwise attempting to decipher the source code for an unjustified purpose or in an unauthorized manner

12   Other acts that the Company reasonably deems to be inappropriate, including but not limited to damaging the credibility of the Company

13   Any other act the Company deems inappropriate

Article 9: Disclaimers

1   The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by a third party as a result of a User or Buyer's breach of these Terms.

2   The Company makes no warranty as to the completeness, accuracy, certainty, usefulness, or any other qualities of the Service, and of information obtained by the User or Buyer through the Service.

3   In principle, the Company shall not be liable to Users and Buyers for any damages incurred as a result of use of the Service, and shall not be obligated to indemnify such damages. However, where these disclaimers are not applicable, including but not limited to where these Terms are deemed to be a consumer contract between the Company and User or Buyer as set forth in Article 2, Clause 3 of the Consumer Contract Act, those terms that fully release the Company from liability shall not apply. Where agreements concluded per these Terms are deemed to be consumer contracts and the Company is liable for damages due to debt, non-performance, or tort, excluding where the Company acted willfully or in gross negligence, the amount of liability shall not exceed the amount paid by the User or Buyer to the Company per these terms up to a year prior to the date damages occurred.

Article 10: Copyright and intellectual property rights

Content provided on or through the Service shall vest exclusively with the Company or the third party with legitimate rights thereto. In the event of disputes between a User or Buyer and a third party as a result of violation of the provisions of this Article, the User or Buyer shall resolve the problem at its own liability and expense, and shall not cause any damages, loss, or disadvantage to the Company.

Article 11: Governing law

The governing law of these Terms shall be the law of Japan.

Article 12: Deliberation and court of jurisdiction

In the event of matters not stipulated in these Terms, or doubts concerning the interpretation of these Terms, the Company and Buyer or User shall deliberate to resolve the matter in good faith. The parties agree in advance that all litigation and/or disputes arising in connection with this Agreement shall be adjudicated at the Tokyo District Court as the exclusive court of first jurisdiction.


2020年11月1日 制定




1. 本規約

2. 当社

3. 本サービス

4. 購入者

5. 利用者


1. 当社がインターネットを通じ提供する本サービスを利用者が利用するにあたり、本規約を定めます。利用者は、本サービスの利用開始の時点で本規約の内容を承諾したものとみなします。

2. 利用者または購入者が未成年者である場合、親権者等の法定代理人の同意を得たうえで本サービスを利用してください。また、利用者または購入者が本サービスを事業者のために利用する場合は、当該事業者も本規約に同意したうえで本サービスを利用してください。

3. 本サービスにおいて個別利用条件がある場合、利用者または購入者は、本契約のほか個別利用条件の定めにも従って本サービスを利用しなければなりません。




1. 利用者は、本サービスを利用して当社から商品を購入することができます。

2. 利用者は、商品の購入を希望する場合、当社が別途定める手続に従って、商品の購入を申し込むものとします。

3. 当該申込に伴い、利用者が入力した文内容、およびその他の情報を確認の上で注文する旨のボタンをクリックし、その後、当社から注文内容を確認する旨のメールが当該利用者に到達した時点で、利用者と当社との間に当該商品に関する売買契約が成立するものとします。

4. 前項の規定に拘わらず、本サービス利用に関して不正行為または不適当な行為があった場合、当社は売買契約について取消し、解除その他の適切な措置を取ることができるものとします。


• 商品の支払い金額は、サイト上に表示されている金額となります。

• 本サービスによって購入された商品の支払いに関しては、購入者本人名義のクレジットカードによる支払いに限るものとします。

• クレジットカードで支払われる場合は、購入者がクレジットカード会社との間で別途契約する条件に従うものとします。なお、クレジットカードの利用に関連して、購入者とクレジットカード会社の間で何らかの紛争が発生した場合は、購入者とクレジットカード会社との間で責任をもって解決するものとします。

• 本サービスに指定される決済手段で、かつ購入者と当該決済手段を有する決済会社との間で別途契約(決済手段にかかる規約への同意を含むが、これに限られません。)をする場合、購入者は決済会社との間で別途契約する条件に従うものとします。なお、当該決済手段に関連して、購入者と決済会社の間で何らかの紛争が発生した場合は、購入者と決済会社との間で責任をもって解決するものとします。







1. 他の利用者、第三者若しくは当社に迷惑、不利益若しくは損害を与える行為、またはそれらのおそれのある行為

2. 第三者または当社の著作権、商標権、特許権その他の知的財産権、肖像権、人格権、プライバシー権、パブリシティ権その他の権利を侵害する行為またはそれらのおそれのある行為

3. 公序良俗に反する行為その他法令に違反する行為またはそれらのおそれのある行為

4. 本サービスを通じて入手したコンテンツを利用者または購入者が私的使用の範囲外で使用する行為

5. 他の利用者、または他の利用者以外の第三者を介して、本サービスを通じて入手したコンテンツを複製、販売、改変、出版、頒布、公開する行為およびこれらに類似する行為

6. 当社または第三者になりすます行為または意図的に虚偽の情報を流布させる行為

7. 当社が定める方法以外の方法で、本サービスまたは本コンテンツの利用権を、現金、財物その他の経済上の利益と交換する行為

8. 反社会的勢力に対する利益供与その他の協力行為

9. 宗教活動または宗教団体への勧誘行為

10. 本サービスのサーバやネットワークシステムに支障を与える行為、BOT、チートツール、その他の技術的手段を利用して本サービスを不正に操作する行為、本サービスの不具合を意図的に利用する行為、同様の質問を必要以上に繰り返す等、当社に対し不当な問い合わせまたは要求をする行為、その他当社による本サービスの運営もしくは他の購入者または利用者による本サービスの利用を妨害し、これらに支障を与える行為

11. 不当な目的または態様でのリバースエンジニアリング、逆アセンブルを行う行為、その他の方法でソースコードを解読する行為

12. 当社の信用を毀損・失墜させる等の当社が不適当であると合理的に判断する行為

13. その他、当社が不適切と判断する行為


1. 利用者または購入者が本規約に違反したことによって第三者に生じた損害については、当社は一切責任を負いません。

2. 本サービスの内容および、利用者または購入者が本サービスを通じて得る情報について、その完全性、正確性、確実性、有用性その他一切の事項につきいかなる保証も行いません。

3. 当社は、利用者および購入者に対し、本サービスの利用により発生した一切の損害について、原則としていかなる責任も負わないものとし、当該損害の賠償をする義務もないものとします。ただし、当社と利用者または購入者との間の本規約に基づく契約が消費者契約法(平成12年法律第61号)第2条第3項の消費者契約に該当するなどの理由により免責条項が適用されない場合には、本規約のうち、当社の責任を完全に免責する規定は適用されないものとします。また、本規約に基づく契約が消費者契約に該当し、かつ、当社が債務不履行または不法行為に基づき損害賠償責任を負う場合については、当社に故意または重過失がある場合を除いて、損害発生日からさかのぼって過去一年間に利用者または購入者が本規約に基づき当社に支払った金額をその賠償額の上限として損害賠償責任を負うものとします。